SMTP, which stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is the software that allows you to send out e-mail messages from your email addresses. Without this, you won't be able to use email apps or webmail. Every time you send an e-mail, your SMTP server connects to a DNS server to discover where the e-mails for the recipient domain name are managed. Following that, it connects to the remote mail server and exchanges details. If the recipient mailbox is present, your server transmits the message to the receiving POP/IMAP server and the latter delivers that e-mail to the particular mailbox where the recipient can find it. If you'd like to send emails, it is recommended to make sure that the website hosting company has the service with their plans. Even if you make use of online form that website visitors use to make contact with you, you still need an active SMTP server for your hosting account for the web form to function.
SMTP Server in Web Hosting
When you've got a web hosting plan with our company, it is possible to send out e-mails through our SMTP server using virtually any e-mail software and any device. The SMTP service is available with our packages automatically, and not on demand or perhaps as an optional paid add-on. You'll be able to send e-mail messages from anywhere you want to making use of our webmail or perhaps an email client of your choosing. The SMTP server also makes it possible to use contact forms in your sites simply by including the server name and your e-mail address in the form code, so you will not have to do anything more complex than that to have a PHP mail form to work. You’ll find the needed SMTP settings in the Emails area of your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel along with in-depth help articles for preferred desktop and smart phone email clients that will allow you to resolve any problem if you are not able to send out email messages for reasons unknown.
SMTP Server in Semi-dedicated Servers
You will be able to take full advantage of our SMTP server with each semi-dedicated server package we offer. This will allow you to send out email messages making use of webmail, an e-mail application on your PC or smartphone, or perhaps a script on your website. You can begin sending e-mails when you create a new mailbox in the Emails section of your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel and that is also the place where you can find the settings you need. You can also check the help tutorials in the very same section and see our comprehensive guides regarding how to set up an email account with the most popular e-mail clients. If you encounter any problem sending out email messages, you should check the collection of common solutions we've created for your benefit. You can use our semi-dedicated servers if you send out regular newsletters to your clients since the amount of outgoing email messages for these packages is a lot higher as opposed to the shared website hosting plans.